Michigan native; Teri Quinn has an ambitious sense of genre-crossing creativity that has always made their music dynamic, diverse, and laced with surprises. Since moving to Kansas City, MO in 2009, Quinn has been experimenting and discovering their voice as a musician and songwriter. Teri sings eloquently of their pain, journey, and the eventual healing that we all must face.

Outer Reaches festival wrote that “ Teri Quinn is the folk hero the goth world has always needed. Their voice is a golden light to all those that need to hear it” and is echoed throughout their fan base throughout the midwest.

Quinn brings an ethereal blend of dark Americana and Shoe-gaze to the stage capturing audiences with their charisma and charm.

Their latest EP ‘Deafening Silence’ was released in the summer of 2023. Quinn captured the charismatic energy of their full band by tracking live at Element Recording and Mastering Studios.